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New Concrete Additions

For more than 7 years, we’ve helped homeowners and builders throughout Enumclaw, WA with new concrete construction services. MD Concrete LLC, offers new concrete services including turnkey solutions to complex geotechnical problems which may be required depending on where you are building.

We provide complete, quality concrete construction for a variety of applications. Thanks to our extensive expertise and skilled craftspeople, we have the ability to take on jobs ranging from simple to elaborate.

In addition to pouring new sidewalks, patios or driveways, we also excel at concrete house construction, including foundations, retaining walls and stabilization.

No matter what improvement your property requires, we have the skills and tools to bring your vision to life.

Concrete Footing & Walls Services

If you are going to build walls, build a bonfire or just a mailbox, start with a solid base of concrete. Our concrete service for home improvement projects includes a base staff. We can handle all your residential concrete foundation needs.

Most concrete problems, such as sinking, breaking or cracking, come from a poor foundation or surface preparation before pouring concrete. We do everything we can to avoid the type of cracks and collapse.

Footings are an important part of foundation construction. They are typically made of concrete with rebar reinforcement that has been poured into an excavated trench. The purpose of footings is to support the foundation and prevent settling.

Footings are especially important in areas with troublesome soils. At MD Concrete LLC, you will find the best service for your concrete footing needs. Do not hesitate to consult more information or contact our specialists to obtain a free estimate.

Retaining Walls

A retaining wall can help with management of ground slopes, water drainage and run off, and control of erosion issues. These walls, often made from natural stone, provide a distinct border and level of definition to areas of your landscape where they are needed most.

Whether you choose a retaining wall for its aesthetic value, or for its functionality, it’s always important to have them installed by a professional service.

With our retaining wall services, we can repair and tear out older concrete walls and other features, and make sure that your wall will be the perfect, flush fit that you need it to be with our extensive design and planning process.

MD Concrete LLC is the company to call, because we understand exactly how to build the footings and walls so that it is structurally sound and provides exactly what you and your company are looking for. Give us a call today!


Concrete foundations have been a main focus at MD Concrete LLC for well over 7 years, our experience with foundations ranges from basic homes to apartment complexes and even an amphitheater. In this space we have gained a reputation for helping the customer obtain the best possible product.

Our repeat customers will attest to our attention to detail and our professionalism in providing the best concrete work and leaving the site clean and ready for the next phase.

The foundation of a property needs to be of high-quality because it is the support of the entire infrastructure.  Here in MD Concrete LLC, we have been developing concrete foundations for more than 7 years and our staff is equipped with the best tools in order to provide the best result. Contact us now and get a free estimate!

Shallow Foundations

Shallow foundations are the type of concrete foundation that most people are likely to come across in their projects at home or in their gardens. There are many other types of concrete foundation that are shallow.

While these vary in quite subtle ways they are all similar in that they support the load of the building by using a foundation that is very close to the surface.

Other shallow foundations include:

  • Rubble trench foundations: This type of foundation is a very old technique. As the name suggests, it makes use of rubble after digging a trench as the source of stability.
  • Spread footing foundation: Using a spread footing foundation relies on a column that attaches to a wide concrete base. This spreads the load evenly. They are in common use in residential buildings.
  • Earthbag foundation: This is a type of foundation where people dig a trench to a level of soil that is smooth and rich in minerals. People then compact bags of material, similar to sandbags, in multiple layers. This is a quite basic and traditional technique.

Deep Foundations

As their name suggests, deep foundations go further down in the earth than a shallow foundation. The benefit is that they can absorb more pressure. Engineers will drive a pile deep into the earth. Deep foundations are important for safety and stability.

Deep foundations are usually for large buildings and moisture levels do not affect them as much as shallow ones. They may use concrete for their foundations, but they can also be timber or steel.

The main types of deep foundation take their names from the type of pile that an engineer decides to use. Types of pile include the following:

  • Cast-in-situ piles: The most basic type of pile, usually concrete or steel.
  • Screw piles: These use an iron pipe with fins, which provides a distinctive screw-like appearance that will drill into the earth.
  • Soldier piles: A type of pile that is wider and is spread further apart than other piles. These can save on construction and are suitable for longer structures or those on clays or soil with a low water content.
  • Sheet piles: This pile will use sheets of steel to create a retaining wall, common in large-scale commercial construction projects. People can then add further foundations suitable for large scale buildings within the retaining wall.

Here in MD Concrete LLC, we have been developing concrete foundations for more than 7 years and our staff is equipped with the best tools in order to provide the best result. Contact us now and get a free estimate!

Foundation Repairs

As one of the leading foundation experts in the region, we have the expertise and know-how necessary to safely handle any structural and foundation work you may need. Trusting the professionals at MD Concrete LLC to perform a structured foundation repair is the best choice because we work hard to give you the best results.

With our extensive skills at your disposal, you gain peace of mind knowing that the job will be done right and with the proper amount of care.

Stone Work

The use of stone in various types of construction projects has been documented for century upon century, a true testament to both its soundness and durability as a building material; in fact, throughout the world, there are many examples of stone structures such as temples, fortresses, and palaces, which remain standing thousands of years after they were erected.

All stone work projects by the team at MD Concrete LLC will be completed with the proper foundation and reinforcement to support the specific type of feature and prevent any post-installation shifting or sinking.  

These stone work installations are performed with the appropriate types of equipment to avoid any damage to adjacent property or structures, and are also guaranteed to meet approved project specifications and customer expectations.